Boost Your Career by Attending the Best Career Counselling Guide

Getting bored at work? Feeling unsatisfied with your present job? Are you worried about your future? Suffering from low self-confidence and self-esteem at your workplace? Or, are you wondering what to do after your school final exams? Now say goodbye to all your worries and look forward to a career that you will cherish forever. […]

How Can Career Counselling Help?

Muddled between becoming a doctor or an engineer? Are you worried about your job promotion? Well, if you’ve been suffering from die-hard career issues, that just don’t settle for the better, this article is for you!  Several people suffer from career problems all over the globe but only a few can combat it. Due to […]

Why has Career Counselling Become an Essential Part of Most of the Schools?

With most schools and educational institutions taking fast resort to career counselling in kolkata, we can say that it has become a mandate. At the same time, it has given a steep rise in the employment of the best career counsellors. As a child grows up there are several needs that have to be meted […]

Which is Better-Education in India or Abroad?

Which is Better-Education in India or Abroad?

Education in India and abroad has been a matter of concerned discussion for several years now. It is a question that many students and families face regularly. On one hand we have the comfort of living in our own country without having to leave our friends and family behind and on the other hand there […]

The Wait Gets Over with Online Career Counselling

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Evolving with times, we have to keep stay at a good pace with the changes taking place around us. One change would be taking to the digital platform. The recent pandemic is seeing a majority of educational sectors, doctor’s consultation, seeking legal advice, holding a meeting, etc. going virtual. Then why should career counselling lag […]

How Career Counselling can Ease Your Pain?

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It is extremely common place to worry about what to do next after completing your high school. Besides students, even the ones who are employed might consider changing a job to be a problem. If you are stuck in such situations from where you do not know a way out, then here is your chance […]

Career counselling:Top 7 life-changing Tips to Crack Your College Interviews

What am I supposed to do when facing an admission interview? The demand for career counselling in Kolkata has been surging because flocks of students like you are trying to get admitted to the best of the institutions in your home country and abroad. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to […]

How Can Board Students Benefit From A Life changing Session?

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Appearing for the final chapter of your school days is a hectic job. Not only do you fear entering a whole new world, but you do suffer from anxiety of what challenges it will offer. In such circumstances taking career counselling advice from a career counsellor would greatly help. Keeping the recent pandemic in mind, […]