Boost Your Career by Attending the Best Career Counselling Guide

Getting bored at work?

Feeling unsatisfied with your present job?

Are you worried about your future?

Suffering from low self-confidence and self-esteem at your workplace?

Or, are you wondering what to do after your school final exams?

Now say goodbye to all your worries and look forward to a career that you will cherish forever. And this is only possible when you attend the regular career counselling sessions. The above mentioned situations are pretty commonplace. With the increasing bouts of the anxiety of getting settled in a good career, almost every child needs career counselling at the school level. Besides them, if you are apprehending to change your job then you must also give this a shot.

Demand for career counselling in today’s world

It is no longer a taboo to meet a counsellor to seek career guidance. Most people would discourage you but if you are wise enough to understand your good, then you should go to a reliable one.

  • Career counselling has indeed borne better results.
  • It has been helpful for those who did not have a friend, philosopher, or guide to help them make career decisions.
  • Every educational institution and office are now fast encouraging career counselling sessions.
  • The results of such sessions are unimaginably productive and profound.
  • With so many career options to choose from you must be guided on in the right channel.
  • The career cousnellor is well-trained in this field to advise and opine.
  • The world today is extremely fast-paced. You will not get time to ponder on your decision for long. Thus, taking the professional advice of the career counsellor will help you to take timely decisions and save time.
  • Besides giving sane advice regarding your career, the career counsellor will also help you to align yourself emotionally and become pragmatic.
  • The counsellor will also help you to recognise your talents and skills. This will help you to choose your field of interest too.

The more you read, the better it is

Now the big question is, Why should you have faith in career counselling?

The answer lies in this – you must believe it only when you have enough faith in its theories and practicality. This is not any random field that has gained fame overnight. Career counselling is indeed a well researched subject and to this day many kinds of research are conducted to provide candidates with the best possible advice. Listed below are a few of the most noted career development theories. You must read about these to be sure of the views put forth. Reading these will help in gaining faith in the entire idea and concept of career counselling.

  • Super’s developmental self-concept theory
  • Holland’s theory of vocational types
  • Bandura’s social cognitive theory
  • Roe’s personality theory
  • Frank Parsons’ trait and factor theory

Advantages of online career counselling sessions

Maintaining a busy life and attending the career counselling sessions alongside is indeed pretty taxing. That is why online career counselling is the best option for all the busy bees. You read it right! The online career counselling sessions come with their perks:

  • Attend the session from any corner of the globe
  • Book your own slot at your convenience
  • Get individual attention
  • Discuss your concerns freely
  • No fear of missing the sessions
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Feel comfortable
  • No travelling cost added and save your time

Most people have found it difficult to visit a counselling session in person. There are many reasons why they cannot attend the sessions. Either they are not aware of the best online career counselling expert or they simply stay far away. Commuting becomes tedious and that is why they shy away from taking professional help. However, you are sure to overcome all these problems with the online career counselling sessions in Kolkata.

Pour your heart out

Before you attend the best career counselling in Kolkata, you must be ready with a long list of questions too. These will basically be your concerns about your career.

  1. What interests me the most?
  2. Should I follow my dreams or go by the traditional way of job-hunting?
  3. How to deal with work culture?
  4. What are the jobs that I would flourish in?
  5. Is the pay package a motivating factor?
  6. How must I deal with my parents if I choose a career that they do not support?

These are only a few. Make your list and let your concerns be answered by the most reliable career counselling expert.

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