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Career Selection

Career Assessment

How does a Career Counsellor know his/her counselee’s Personality Profile, Interest Areas, Learning Style or Skills and Abilities? It would be virtually impossible for a Career Counsellor to assist his/her counselee in making the right career choices without gaining an in-depth understanding of the aforementioned parameters.

The first step towards practical and authentic career advice has to start with Career Assessment.

Mode Of Assessment : Online (Web Based)

If you like to know more about Career Assessment then click here.

You may ask – Is it necessary to go through this lengthy and tedious online assessment process before you can give me advice ? I would say to you – When you visit a doctor for medical advice – don’t they ask you to take a couple of diagnostic tests – so that they can be absolutely sure of their treatment procedure. Similarly, we at Scholars Mojo feel that we are responsible for your career progress and should be absolutely sure about your Personality, Interest Areas, Learning Style, Emotional Quotient (EQ), Aptitude before we are able to progress with you.

Credibility: The Career Assessment tools that we use are best in class and have been created by some of the best experts in this field. To add to the credibility of the tool that we use – we can safely say that lakhs of students and working professionals across the country use it every year and have been more than satisfied with its results.

Mode of Career Assessment : Our Career Assessment tool is completely web based and you can use it in the comfort of your home as per your convenient time. The precise reason behind having an online mode of assessment is that the inventory of questions can be updated constantly from the back end in real time.

Career Counselling

Our Career Counselling service is renowned for being practical rather than methodical.

What is Career Counselling All About?

Career Counselling is getting to know oneself in a comprehensive way, setting a goal and preparing an action plan to achieve that GOAL.
Setting the right goals is very crucial in achieving career success because if you set your goals too high – it may take an entire lifetime to achieve them and if you set them too low – you would not be applying your strengths in the most efficient way.

How will the Career Counsellor Help Me?

The right career counsellor can do wonders for you – even though you may feel that you know everything and all the world’s information can be accessed using Google. He/She can help you focus in the right direction and not waste your precious time exploring. Career Counsellors have scientifically developed tools to assess your areas of strength and weakness and guide you in the right direction which could take you much more time to do it yourself.

It has often been observed that following a textbook style of counselling could leave you more confused than what you were when you walked in. Hence, it is essential to keep things practical.

We would leave no stone unturned to ensure that every piece of information that we share with you has been tried and tested so that we know the implications they can have on your career.

Stream Selection

The most important issue which every student studying in Class 9 and 10 faces is Stream Selection.

Although, the New Education Policy 2020 has made stream selection very student friendly – wherein a student can pick and choose a combination of subjects from all the three streams (Science, Commerce and Humanities) in Classes 11 and 12.

Still, a student who wishes to prepare for engineering or medical competitive exams during Class 11 and 12 isn’t allowed that much of a flexibility in choosing their subjects in Class 11 and 12. 

This is where we use our expertise to assist you. Through our Career Assessment tool we are able to gauge your areas of strength and weakness which are critical in determining which subjects should be in your list and which are best left avoided. This step is crucial in determining your performance in the Class 12 Board Exam.

College Selection

Getting into your dream college is something which you must have dreamt of since the first day of high school.

We at Scholars Mojo strive to make your dream a reality. We understand the eligibility criteria and the timeline for each college so that you do not miss out on any formalities for your target college.

From my almost 20 years of experience in the field of education and career counselling – I have observed that more than 70% of students start thinking about the admission process of their dream college in either Class XII for UG or in the final year of their graduation for PG. This causes unnecessary hassle and heartbreak in the end.

For UG Admissions : Many colleges begin their admission process quite early and have multiple rounds. Case in point : Ashoka University and Christ University, Bangalore. They have multiple admission rounds. For those who are unaware, you will be caught off guard. 

To know why – reach out to us.

Career Selection

Which career option should I opt for? Has this question ever bothered you? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Selecting the career which is just right for you depends upon a lot of factors. Some of these factors could be even beyond your control.

We can assist you in selecting the right career option by providing relevant and updated information about various career options which could be quite challenging for you to figure out.

In order to assist you in selecting the right career we start off with a complete analysis of your academic and family background. Afterwhich, we proceed to analyse your personality type, decision making skills, learning style, areas of interest, skills and abilities etc.

Once we are done with the assessment, we start off with the counselling sessions wherein we would discuss various options with you – keeping in mind your profile and the market trends. You would start getting a clear picture from the second session onwards – regarding the direction which you should be heading for in your career.

To avail of our widely acclaimed Career Selection Services Reach Out to us on : +91 83358 72100 or provide your details here.

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