Career counselling:Top 7 life-changing Tips to Crack Your College Interviews

What am I supposed to do when facing an admission interview? The demand for career counselling in Kolkata has been surging because flocks of students like you are trying to get admitted to the best of the institutions in your home country and abroad. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to stick to only one course when applying to the colleges rather it will be wise if you can keep more varied options.

Besides this, an online career assessment will help you to choose a subject for your higher studies. However, read further to know the details of the answer to the question given above, how to tackle an interview and what will be expected of you by the interviewers besides woman is frightened and excited by HR officer for job interview.

Know the tips well

Having a good idea about what you are going to face keeps you on the threshold of being aware. The following tips, acquired during a session in career counselling in Kolkata, will be extremely helpful to brace for an interview and accept the on-spot challenges thrown to you by the interview panel.

  1. Know your subject well: You must have a deep insight into the subject of study that you have applied for. This is one of the many things that an online career counselling session will teach you. Do not make any wild guesses when a subject-related question is asked. Be smart enough to say ‘next’ on not knowing the answer or just prepare yourself the best that you can.
  2. Get to know the admission procedure: Most importantly, be thorough with the entire admission procedure. Knowing each step well will make you confident and cautious. If you are taking sessions in online career counselling, you must feel free to ask your counsellor how you can gather more information about the college admissions.
  3. Possess knowledge about the institution: Learn the basics about the college where you are going to appear for an interview. This will paint a good image of yours before the interview panel. The counsellor, in an online career counselling session, will further tell you the importance of this tip.
  4. Be prepared for group discussions: Group discussions have been a global trend in assessing a person’s personality, skills, character traits, subject proficiency, presence of mind to handle a situation and other aspects. Proper guidance during career counselling in Kolkata will help you to learn more about yourself that will reflect positively on the interview day.
  5. Learn about current affairs: The career counselling expert will tell you the relevance of current affairs in an interview. Not only in interviews but also in top government exams, current affairs form a vital subject. Be on guard to face questions on what is happening around you. Answering the questions appropriately will increase your chances of getting selected for the course.
  6. Be confident: Opening up before your counsellor will help you to speak fearlessly before strangers. The online career counselling session will make sure that you create your own comfort zone when facing the interview and speaking confidently.
  7. Mock interviews: Practicing a lot of mock interviews helps an individual in getting accustomed to the different types of questions that are generally asked to the interviewee. In this matter, career counselling in Kolkata will be of immense help to you.

Both online career counselling and online career assessment can be availed of by anyone from anywhere across the globe. This is the very beauty of going online and getting the much-required guidance to choose a promising subject, crack the admission interview, pursue higher studies in that stream and emerge with flying colors.

Points to remember

  • An online career assessment helps you to learn more about yourself. So it becomes a crucial part of your career counselling in Kolkata.
  • Do not be overconfident when appearing for an interview. This can put you in a dangerous zone where you will be more prone to committing mistakes. Career counselling teaches you to be wise and measure your confidence and skills well.
  • Accept an admission to one college for sure without waiting to get through your dream college.
  • Aim to keep do your best so that there is no room for repentance later on.
  • Always remember, there is No Short Cut to Success!


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