What to do after Your 12th? Best courses after 12th science

courses after 12th science

It is not easy to choose subjects that will decide your future and career further in your life at a mutable age like 16 or 17. To have a firm choice one needs to understand the pros and cons of choosing a subject for a particular career choice . Assessing your potential and passion will […]

Which is Better-Education in India or Abroad?

Which is Better-Education in India or Abroad?

Education in India and abroad has been a matter of concerned discussion for several years now. It is a question that many students and families face regularly. On one hand we have the comfort of living in our own country without having to leave our friends and family behind and on the other hand there […]

Best Courses After 12th Arts

When the exams get over, the tension doesn’t end there. The stress only rises from its ashes to haunt us with the question, “What next?” At this point, most students are left puzzled as to which course would suit them best to pursue a suitable career. After hundreds of google research, systematic career counselling and […]