Best Courses After 12th Arts

When the exams get over, the tension doesn’t end there. The stress only rises from its ashes to haunt us with the question, “What next?” At this point, most students are left puzzled as to which course would suit them best to pursue a suitable career.

After hundreds of google research, systematic career counselling and family advice, students are still not sure about the courses after 12th arts. Let’s dive into them to unfold now!

What’s next?

The first thing that you need to consider while opting for a course is your passion. What are you passionate about? If you have a knack for writing and news reporting, journalism must be your go-to option. You could also opt for a Bachelor degree in Arts if you don’t prefer the first. Similarly, you can opt for B.B.A course if you are interested in the Commercial sector.

Generally, most courses after class 12 require a period of 2 to 3 years in college. This is only the initial step to success.

A list of courses after class 12

B.A.– All literature lovers, this one is for you! A bachelor of Arts degree can be pursued by students right after their Class 12. It is an undergraduate course that can be pursued in any field of study namely Psychology, History, English, Hindi, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, etc. The course duration in B.A. extends to 3 years.

B.H.M.– If cooking is your forte, Bachelor of Hotel Management is yours to keep.

It is a professional undergraduate course that trains students about the various fundamentals of hotel management and catering technology. The course curriculum includes areas namely cooking methods, food commodities, food and beverage services, restaurant planning oral skills, that could help you to become a renowned Chef or own a lavish restaurant shortly. It lasts for 3-4 years.

B.E.M.– Bachelor of Event Management is another extraordinary course to opt for while you are fetching for a course after class 12th from the Arts department. This course is gaining massive appreciation and involves the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, marriages, formal parties, concerts, and product launches. The duration of the course is 3-4 years. With this course in hand, one can easily become a successful event planner and earn a lump sum in no time.

 B.J.M– Still not satisfied with the courses? Well, we have some more in store for you. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a 2-3 years course that trains students about gathering, transmitting, and delivering information to a large audience.

 Of course, career options are well-heightened. Imagine becoming a journalist and writing for the most established news agencies in time!

 So, working with news channels, newspapers, publishing houses, television, radio, the internet and so much becomes your thing. How cool is that?

BTTM– Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management course which takes up to 3-4 years, is another fascinating subject to indulge in.

These are some of the most common and premium courses after 12th Arts, which are always in demand. This one is only one of them.

If you’ve been in a dilemma regarding which course to choose after class 12, this article will surely help you to pave your way and map out your aspirations.

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