A Parent’s Guide to Board Exams – Get Best career counsellor in kolkata For Your Child’s Journey to Success

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It is that time in your life when you feel as though the entire world is watching your child. How your child performs in her board exam is suddenly under everyone’s radar. Many amongst you, sadly, feel that your reputation and standing in society depends – on your child’s academic success. If, as parents, you are affected by anyone the aforementioned syndromes – GOOD NEWS! You are not alone.

But, but, but let’s not forget who is the object of our anxiety. Your little one is finally coming of age and is actually sitting for his/her board exam and will, probably for the first time, fight a battle in their lives without you being their wingman. That’s it. It’s just a small battle in life. Let’s not complicate it for them and make the challenge bigger than it already is.

We, as educators, are constantly asked to give inputs and suggestions from hundreds of parents and students to help them overcome what is in store for them. Summing it all up – here are some pointers which could help your child march on without too much of a hassle:

Time Management

Especially During Board Exams

The one thing which is equally abundant and scarce at the same time is definitely TIME. You know why? Because each one of us has exactly the same amount available! And we have got to make the best use of it. It is essential that your knight knows how much time he/she has available. Time and knowledge are the two most important resources which a student has at his/her disposal and as it goes with every other resource in the world – it has got to be optimally utilized. Especially while preparing for board exams.

Observe your child objectively (by taking off the parent filter) and notice how they utilize their time. Does your childcare for time and is punctual with his/her assignments in school? We are a SUM total of our HABITS. If your child cares little about using their time they will face an uphill task managing their time when they sit for the boards. Especially with the nerves! It is essential that your child takes complete mock tests and do so with all the parameters which are applicable during the board exam with a 15-minute cushion. Because it has been observed that invigilators during the exam time waste a substantial amount of exam duration for announcements and signing.

The Zen Master

How You Can Ensure Your Appearance Can Make the Difference During Board Exams

You, as a parent, have provided everything that you could for your child. Everything! He/she is gunning hard and giving it her best. What do you do? Do you also burn the midnight oil with your child? Do you appear anxious to your child every time your child looks at you and pounce at every opportunity to help?

It is very essential that you understand parenting is probably the best role that you can ever play on life’s stage. It gives you the opportunity to be a role model for a person who is going to live through his/her entire life with the memories that you are going to give them. Never forget – children observe your every move and can read your facial expressions like the back of their hand. They look for clues from you which act as triggers for their own emotional well-being. The idea here is to just carry yourself as though the upcoming exam is just another day at the office for your little tiger or tigress! Excuse the expression. Yes, it has got to be projected in this very manner. And, chewing gum really helps during this period!

Your Physical Presence

How do you plan your schedule during your soldier’s exams? There’s a very important wedding coming up which you absolutely cannot miss. Your child, obviously, cannot go and the relatives may cut off ties if you do not make it. This is where you need to set priorities and balance your schedule. The only way to navigate this is by planning ahead. Communicate with the person in question about your limitations and ensure that one amongst your family could represent and eventually attend the function. However, it is essential that you remain absolutely casual about it and not portray that you sacrificed for your child and that he/she had to reciprocate by doing well in the exams – that would totally defeat the whole purpose.

Any activity which could have an adverse impact on the child’s schedule should be either postponed or let go. The idea is – Be there for her, ask whether she needs your advice, help her plan and prioritize, arrange the resources and leave the execution to the wizard and let go. Trust me, life will become a lot simpler.

Measure Your Words

I think you will need a paper and pen before you proceed to read the rest of the article. Relax! Remember, I talked about how our children observe us like a hawk – the best part is they listen to each and every word we utter or even think of uttering. Damn! What did I get myself into? Wish someone would have told this to me when the little one was still cuddled in the crib. Take a deep breath and relax. Parenting is a race against all odds. The idea is to learn every step of the way.

Your child is your most precious asset and has to be preserved like the Louvre preserves the Mona Lisa. Yes! You need to understand each human being is born unique. Each with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Understand what your child likes/dislikes, his/her capabilities and help them set goals and act as a foundation for the monument of their dreams. Never use word combinations like – “You have to do well because…”, “If you don’t do well then,…….”, “I know you are going to outdo everyone in the class/city/country………”, “What will people say if……….” and the rest you can extrapolate. Articulate your words with motivational overtones like “You have put in a lot of hard work, now give it your best”, “I don’t this exam is going to be that big a deal for you, relax” and the like and see how this can affect your little one’s psyche!

Return on Investment (Of Time)

Look at your child’s activities very closely (from a distance) and figure out where they are being challenged and how they are coping with these challenges. Are they not being able to concentrate due to mobile/television addiction? What do you do? Snatch away their mobile and yell! Definitely not? Sit with them at a convenient place, time and talk about what you feel – choosing your words very carefully. Suggest a solution to the problem – like scheduling a screen time which the child can draw up and maintain. Explain to them about the value of maximizing the return from their investment of time during their studies. Let go and observe – if you still don’t find a solution, involve a family member.

If, you still do not find a fix – seek professional help. Yes, then you will need a career counsellor who could help you and your child.

The moral of the story here is that you are to play the role of an enabler and be create a platform on which your child can create the monument of her dreams. Let her be the architect with you supplying the raw materials and helping the architect draw up the plan and engineer the building.

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